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MAAP and Belong Announce Community Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2019

MAAP and Belong Announce Community Partnership.

ATLANTA – With an aligned vision of personal and professional growth, MAAP (Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals) and Belong are excited to announce a community partnership to expand networking and coaching access for Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ community. The collaboration will allow business leaders and owners to offer their experience and networks to younger people starting their careers and people who have decided to explore switching careers.

MAAP members who become a Belong coach will go through the active listening and goal setting training courses offered by the professional life coaches in the Belong community. After training, they will be paired with those who are seeking business advice or exploring career paths as well as broader life issues. Most of the coaching relationships last 3-6 months to collaboratively define and achieve goals outlined as part of the active listening process.

“It’s a well established fact that professional growth leads to professional growth and it’s why mentoring and education are both pillars of our mission statement,” said Joshua D. Lorenz, MAAP President and CEO. “It’s a natural fit for us to harness the resources of Belong as an expansion of mentorship and coaching for our members and to put on great events for members of both organizations.”

“Many people in the business world have a desire to ‘pay it forward’ when they’ve found success in their careers. We look forward to working with MAAP to readily offer those opportunities. We also believe that there are great synchronicities in placing interns and making referrals. We’re excited to collaborate this year and see where it can lead us,” said James Yancey, Co-Founder of Belong.

About MAAP:
Founded in May 1992 by 15 people, MAAP’s mission is individual and professional development through networking, relationship-building and education for Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ professionals and our allies. MAAP currently has a connection network of more than 2,000 professionals.

The MAAP logo can be downloaded at:

About Belong:

Belong is the peer coaching community by LGBT people. Through supportive and platonic relationships, coaches are active listeners that guide people to collaboratively find their own solutions and take action in life. To accompany the coaching process Belong offers an ecosystem of healthy activities such as outdoor activities, life learning courses and volunteer activities that anyone in the community may join.  Learn more at


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