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🏳️‍🌈 Local Queer Author Publishing First Book

  • 12/02/2020 2:09 PM
    Message # 9400054

    I am a local queer author working on her first book that is getting published in April 2021 by New Degree Press.

    When I was little, I asked so many questions that my family gave me the nickname "Señorita Pregunta," which roughly translates to "Miss Question" in Spanish. I've found that curiosity has been a driving force in my life that led me to discover my voice.

    My book Señorita Pregunta is about my journey as a queer woman wrestling with difficult questions surrounding taboo subjects such as sexuality, religion, financial status, and mental health and wondering why I didn't fit into the conventional understanding of the world. I also feature other local queer voices and their experiences.

    I know what it feels like to deal with imposter syndrome and wonder if there is any place for me in the world - I want to be a role model to our local community to help be an example of making space for all voices and co-creating a better world.

    I’m in the middle of my pre-sale campaign and would like to spread the word to our local community.

    You will love this book if you are in the LGBTQ+ community, have struggled with abusive relationships, or are ready to question “the way things have always been done.” If you grapple with imposter syndrome and feeling like a misfit, Señorita Pregunta may help you find confidence in curiosity.

    Ultimately, I hope that Señorita Pregunta inspires reflection and fruitful dialogue, pressing into engaging questions like:
    • How do I feel more confident about my decisions when there are so many conflicting opinions about how I am supposed to live?
    • How do I communicate better with others by embracing curiosity instead of reacting defensively?
    • How do we get more comfortable asking difficult questions as a society without feeling more divided?

    I look forward to exploring these questions and beyond with my readers. I believe discussing taboo subjects and leaning into the tension of asking deeper questions will change us all for the better.

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  • 12/13/2020 1:18 PM
    Reply # 9426571 on 9400054

    Congratulations on publishing your first book! That is so exciting!

    I am a member of several different LGBTQ+ groups, and would love to spread words out about your book. Before doing that, though, I want to get to know you better. Let me know if you are open to get connected. 



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