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Our Holiday Edition Newsletter has Arrived!

MAAP’s monthly newsletter, featuring a letter from the Board of Directors and information about our events, members and partners. Read the Entire Newsletter Now

GA Voice: MAAP unveils new logo for wide network of LGBT professionals

The Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals is rebranding their image and they’re starting with a new logo design. (more…)

David Atlanta: The Secret to Expanding Your Business

Ahh, networking. It’s probably the second oldest profession. Long long ago some prostitute (the oldest profession) probably decided that he/she wasn’t getting any more business in his or her cave, and decided it was time to meet new potential clients in other caves. Thus networking for business was born. Since then, networking has become an…

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David Atlanta: Seen@ MAAP 3 19 15

David Atlanta joined us at Kat’s Cafe and grabbed some terrific photos of our evening. (more…)

David Atlanta: Seen@ MAAP 2014 Holiday Party at Ten Atlanta

David Atlanta grabbed some photos of our Holiday Party at Ten Atlanta! (more…)