Anup Chandora

Creative Director

Anup is an innovator who aspires to globally impact healthcare through medical device development.

Anup studied at Georgia Tech to earn his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (2012-2016) and to learn how to be an innovator. He then worked as an R&D Associate Engineer (2017-2018) at BD, a medical device company, in the Urology and Critical Care (UCC) Division located in Covington, GA. He is now an R&D Primary Engineer (2019) redesigning medical devices. By immersing himself in the biomedical realm, Anup discovered how his innovation within urology has gradually evolved into a desire of working with electrical medical devices and intellectual property. To advance his career, he wants to pursue becoming an electrical engineer and patent attorney, so he can transform highly-promising research into viable medical devices, making a global impact on improving patients’ lives while protecting inventors’ contributions.

Anup is an ambitious leader who inspires communities to support inclusion and diversity.

Aside from being an engineer, Anup wears many hats as a lifelong dancer, camp director, event coordinator, private tutor, and most notably, LGBT leader. As founder (2018) and president (2018-2019) of an LGBT employee resource group (ERG), he has increased the visibility, opportunity, and acceptance of the LGBT community in his workplace. By leading ERG members in executing meaningful events that cultivated community and acceptance, promoted diversity and talent, performed acts of service, and synergized efforts, Anup learned how to be an effective communicator and strategic planner. He continues thriving as an impactful leader in the workplace and in the LGBT community.

As a MAAP member, Anup builds relationships with open-minded professionals that share a strong connection to the LGBT community.

As an aspiring electrical engineer and patent attorney, Anup wants to network with individuals already one step ahead of his career path and learn about their unique experiences within the biomedical realm. He aims to foster mutually-beneficial relationships, seek career opportunities via personal connections, and put his foot in the door at desirable companies. As a mentee, he wants to learn from others on how to be a more effective leader and communicator in the community. As a mentor, he wants to share his experience in establishing an employee resource group in the workplace, as well as teach best practices on how to lead such organizations.

Fun facts about Anup:

  • He loves wearing his tie-dye “Lilburn is Hip” t-shirt because of his love of tie-dye and his hometown.
  • He is a spontaneous person who likes to explore new places (studied abroad in Singapore) and (vegetarian) foods.
  • He is also an enthusiastic bollywood dancer who has performed at Atlanta’s International Night Market, Dragon Boat Festival, and Dogwood Festival, but he also likes to dabble in salsa, bachata, ballroom, and hip-hop.
  • He loves coordinating events and designing event flyers (which is why he volunteered to be MAAP’s Creative Director).