Clarence Gabriel

Events Director

If you ever need to shape your image, you will want to know Clarence Gabriel. He is a published Photographer and Editor for Urban Socialites Magazine. He credits four principles for aligning him with success.Do what makes you happy without harming others, connect with good energy, tell beautiful stories and help others be the best versions of themselves. Be careful when you are around Clarence, he will have you convinced that you can accomplish everything you can imagine.

He has dedicated much of his career to serving others. Before building a career as a photographer, Clarence was a branding and marketing strategist for luxury consumer goods and philanthropic development campaigns. He was responsible for raising over $40mil supporting marriage equality, post-secondary education for low income students, HIV prevention, homeless, addiction, improving access to healthcare in low income neighborhoods and workforce development for former inmates.

A transplant from Los Angeles, Clarence holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing, from California State University of Los Angeles. He has been shooting professional photography since 2016.