Dave McElroy

Events Director

To some he’s known as David Clifford, to others David Clifford McElroy but to most he is known as Dave. Dave was born in Queens, NY, but moved to the suburbs of Georgia in 1993. As a child he was very fond of cars and even became an auto mechanic at a local shop briefly in his early years. It wasn’t until the fall of 2003 at the age of 20, did he find his calling to work with less fortunate youth. While in school studying Early Childhood Education, Dave was presented with the opportunity to work as a Live-In Parent at a Group Home for neglected kids. He accepted the offer and was later promoted to Operational Supervisor over three Group Homes, supervising five employees and eighteen kids.

Fast forward to 2006, Dave accepted a position with the State of Georgia at the Division of Family and Child Services. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from childhood experiences, group home management and studies in Psychology, he joined as an entry-level Program Assistant. In a few short months he progressed into management once again, and later became part of the administrative department of his organization.

Dave would go on to work for the Child Services arena for a total of 12 years. During the summer of 2015, he decided to extend his knowledge and embrace a different field of work within the state of Georgia but also keeping his passion of working with less fortunate youth close to his heart.

Today, Dave works for the State of Georgia for The Office of Inspector General (O.I.G) as a Business Analyst for Georgia’s new Gateway Eligibility system and on Georgia’s Fraud Investigation system.