Eric Hominick

Marketing Coordinator

Eric R. Hominick brings a personal passion to everything he does. As a native of Chicago, Eric has the generous charm of the Midwest mixed with the bright flair of an urban center. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, Eric dove head first into his professional career in Corporate America. After gaining skills and experience over the years, Eric knew it was time to strike out on his own. Believing that when you leap, a net will appear, Eric laid down roots in Atlanta in early 2017.

Fueled by a passion for interpersonal connectivity and professional excellence, Eric has dedicated this next year to finishing his highly anticipated book. Eric is not only driven by his passion to help others achieve success, but also his innate ability to see and develop your individuality to help you reach your ultimate success.

Eric is proud member of the LGBTQA community and father to a vivacious Goldendoodle named Khloe.