Jennifer Dennis

Membership Coordinator

Jennifer is a global leader who serves her country, community and workplace.

Jennifer studied at Georgia Tech to earn her MBA in Global Business (2017-2018) to learn how to use unique approaches to combine business knowledge with tech-savvy solutions to prepare for leadership positions in any industry.  Jennifer employs her deep industry knowledge as a Consulting Senior Analyst with Accenture, expanding on the company’s global presence as a leader in management consulting.

Aside from being a leader in global business, Jenifer served her country for 13 years as an officer in the United States Army, retiring at the rank of Major (0-4).  She served four combat tours in Iraq and was awarded several service medals including the Bronze Star for meritorious achievement in a combat zone. She continues her service thriving as a leader for social change, mental health advocacy and political activism.

Jennifer is an activist who inspires women through empowerment, social change and mental health advocacy.

Jennifer is the founder of the social media group “Black Women and Mental Health,” that inspires and advocates for women seeking mental health information and empowerment.  She also empowers women through her domestic violence volunteer efforts and social change activism.  Jennifer seeks to become more involved in Diversity and Inclusion activities in her workplace and community to stimulate diversity in leadership opportunities in corporate America and employment opportunities in Georgia.