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First Step Towards a New Image: MAAP Unveiled Its New Logo

09/18/2015 8:00 AM | Deleted user

Atlanta, September 18th, 2015 – The Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals unveiled its new logo as part of a rebranding initiative, changing the face of MAAP to more closely reflect its mission.  MAAP serves to create an inclusive environment for the Metro Atlanta LGBTA+ community that allows for professional development through networking, high-quality events, training, mentoring and education.

“MAAP is a destination for our community to come together and network, and what better way to represent that destination than a graphical map pointer to lead the way both figuratively and literally,” said Tony Barnett, Marketing Director for MAAP.  “I’m excited to have been a part of this effort that will showcase a new look and feel for our brand to our community.”

Since MAAP’s 501(c)3 tax deductible certification in 2014, the conception and development of the new logo had been the organization’s most important project according to President and CEO Joshua D. Lorenz. “We collected feedback from our members and community partners in regards to our branding and we believe this new logo will help further put MAAP on the map as Atlanta’s premier LGBTA networking association.  We look forward for continued growth into the end of 2015 and through 2016.”

MAAP officially launched the logo and redesign on September 17 during a monthly Third Thursday Networking event with full support from its members and community partners.

MAAP expressed their gratitude to Rhys Black, a dedicated member who pioneered the redesigning project. Black had created and shared multiple logo concepts with MAAP and also helped create the final version of the new logo. “We are fortunate to have individuals such as Rhys as a member and cannot thank her enough for her help,” said Lorenz.

MAAP also thanked 3eighteen Media, the organization’s web development provider for the past two years for their work in making this branding update possible. “Their tireless work updating our branding across the website and other graphic media is most greatly appreciated.  If you are in the market for a new web developer or know someone is, please contact 3eighteen Media today,” Lorenz said.

About MAAP

Founded in May 1992 by 15 people, MAAP’s mission is individual and professional development through networking, relationship-building and education for Atlanta’s LGBT professionals and our allies. MAAP currently has a connection network of more than 2,000 professionals.

The MAAP logo can be downloaded at:

View the PDF Version of this Press Release.


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