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Black Lives Matter

06/03/2020 2:30 PM | Joshua D Lorenz (Administrator)

Black Lives Matter

“Black Lives Matter” should not be a radical statement. Recent events have once again brought a long, exhausting reality of black life to mainstream awareness. MAAP stands in solidarity with the black community against acts of racism, violence, and police brutality. We stand for inclusion of all people and against racism.

It’s time to end the cycles of violence against black lives and livelihoods. We all share a responsibility to be aware, educated, and engaged in bringing accountability to our own actions and the actions of those around us. It is each of our responsibility to be outspoken against racism and to recognize that racism is not binary--it is a spectrum of aggressions, biases, and blindspots built into the fabric of our society. Dismantling that within ourselves and within our culture can be daunting, but progress is made when we encounter uncomfortable truths and commit daily to being better.

Within MAAP, we urge our members, sponsors, partners, and communities to remember that black rights and LGBTQ+ rights are intertwined. From the riot at Stonewall, black queer, trans, and allied men and women have stood with our community with outspoken support and fought with us for equality.

To every black member of the MAAP community, we stand with you and black citizens in our city and across our nation. We see you. We hear you. We value you. We’re committed to this fight with you. Black Lives Matter.

Find resources to get involved here: We encourage you to please take action however you can.

In Solidarity,

Woody Goff | Interim President
Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals


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